I’m sure you have heard many times how important it is to remove your make up before bed. Some nights it’s a super easy task, and some others (that late night after drinks) not so much but its something that needs to be done. First things first… what exactly is a Makeup Remover and how does it differ from a face wash or cleanser? Well, its all as the names suggest. Makeup removers solely remove the makeup from the surface of the skin, whereas cleansers and face washes can remove the oils and sebum.

A lot of makeup removers on the market today are filled with Chemicals and Parabens which all help to break down and remove the makeup but can be harmful to the skin and leave it feeling dry and irritated, especially for those who have sensitive skin. While there are natural makeup removers out there, below is a list of items that you can use to remove your makeup, are gentle on sensitive skin and that you can easily find in your cupboard!

 Milk Wash by MooGoo

Of course, this is our Number 1 choice! The Milk Wash it's so gentle because it is made using a blend of 4 natural cleansers and has protein and conditioners added. It is very gentle around the eyes and won’t dry your skin.Remember though that makeup absorbs oils. So you will need to moisturise afterwards. (We have a couple of suggestions in that area but upselling is so crude don’t you think?) Simple pump a small amount into your palm, work into the skin and rinse.


You can even swap out that store-bought face milk (that usually doesn’t have any milk because milk goes off on a shelf) for actual milk to remove makeup naturally. Did you know that milk baths were popular with royals thousands of years ago who would soak in it to beautify their skin? The fat and proteins in milk (use whole milk only), help to hydrate the skin and improve its ability to retain moisture. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a face milk cream or most drugstore removers. Simply dab some whole milk onto a cotton ball and wipe it across your skin, you can use it on your eyes too, just wipe gently. It will leave your skin makeup free and refreshed.

Oil Cleansing Method by MooGoo

While this is technically a cleanser it can be multi-functional and be used as a makeup remover as well. Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 Product! The Oil Cleansing Method it's fantastic for removing heavy makeup and/or sunscreen. It Is made by using a mixture of drawing oils such as Castor Oil and Moisturising Oils such as Jojoba Oil (did you know Jojoba Oil is technically a wax?).The drawing oils help pull out and dissolve old oils, and the moisturising oils, such as Jojoba Oil, are high in antioxidants and help keep skin hydrated and soft.