Living with sensitive skin can be really tough. Often it is very painful, unpredictable and expensive! When you experience skin troubles, you would do almost anything to experience relief and often that means trying all of the newest products and crazy skin treatments under the sun which unfortunately for many often leads to disappointment and discomfort.

Who are the main culprits?

We can’t stress enough to pay attention to what’s in the product, rather than the claims made on the label. Knowing what ingredients are used in a product is so important (even if you don’t have skin troubles) so you can find out what is triggering your flare-ups or prevent them from happening in the first place.

Synthetic fragrances are a big ‘no, no’ when it comes to choosing products for sensitive skin. Did you know that one listing of a synthetic fragrance on a product can contain up to 4000 different ingredients? That is insane! (and also, probably why your skin is protesting).

Silicone or ingredients ending in ‘cone’ in general are from the same family and cause problems for those with skin troubles (Dimethicone, Trimethicone, Methicone are just a few). Why? Because, Silicone acts as a barrier and can trap sweat, sebum (fancy work for oil), bacteria and more. If the above is trapped in the skin for long enough it can lead to breakouts and congestion. Silicone also slows down cellular renewal which can decelerate the healing and skin recovery process. Silicone is used to create the illusion of smooth, moisturised skin however although it is effective in making the skin feel silky and products easily spreadable it does not actually deliver real nourishment to the skin.

An ingredient commonly found on the back of a skin care or makeup label is Phenoxyethanol, this is an affordable synthetic preservative which has a longer shelf life than many natural alternatives, hence its popularity. According to the EWG, Phenoxyethanol is considered as a high concern for irritation around the skin, eyes or lungs and is considered toxic or harmful if used around the mouth or on the lips. That’s enough to make use not touch the ingredient with a 10-foot pole.

It is important to take note of which ingredients are in your products as this could be triggering your skin flare-ups or preventing you from achieving the health radiant skin you’ve been working so hard for. If you would like more information on ingredients you can always get in touch with us, we’re not-so-secret ingredient nerds and could go on about them all day.

What can I do?

Knowledge is power, as we just mentioned – read the label! Study up on the ingredients you don’t recognise and educate yourself so you can make a conscious decision for the health of your skin. At Dusty Girls, we like to keep things simple and make life easy breezy for you which is why we list all of the products (and their simple names) on the product and our website because who really knows what Leptospermum Scoparium is (its Manuka by the way).

Are we just another company overpromising and underdelivering?

Absolutely not. And we can prove it to you.

We don’t promise you any miracle transformations after switching to our products but we can certainly tell you what the ingredients we use have the power to do and the results our customers have achieved. Let’s use Courtney as an example.  

Courtney’s story

Courtney suffers from extremely sensitive and easily irritated skin. She's also a makeup lover! She has 'spent countless dollars on products claiming to be beneficial and suitable for sensitive skin'. She's also spent 'countless nights crying over my inflamed skin'. 

She told us, "Whenever my skin was clear, I'd tempt myself to a hint of foundation, only to pay the price for the next 7 days. I had almost given up complete hope. I'd try new foundations and products and was greeted with that incredibly familiar burn, the one where I knew my skin was tearing itself apart."

During one of those times when her skin was reasonably calm, Courtney tried Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Powder. As you can imagine, she didn't have much hope. She left it on for a few hours and was "met with nothing but confidence and comfort".

Courtney now wears her Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation (her shade is Fair Minerals in Sunset Tones) regularly, and as you can see from the picture she looks absolutely beautiful! Just as importantly, her skin is happy and calm, even after her makeup comes off!  That's exactly why we created our Dusty Girls Makeup range! 

 More customer experiences

“I just wanted to say your tinted moisturizer for acne has completely changed my skin!!  It has taken a few months but I have battled acne almost my whole adult life and it's almost gone!” – Monique.

 “Just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with your mascara.  I suffer from food and skin sensitivities, resulting in contact dermatitis.  Have tried so many mascaras and cosmetic products, and finally found your mascara which is awesome and doesn't cause any problems for me.  It is easy to remove with cotton pads/water but stays on all day.  Your lipsticks are also great for me as I have extremely dry lips.  Have bought three shades.  Thank you.” – Janis.

“I want to give you a review of your Tinted Earth Cream. This product is amazing.  I can't believe how much coverage it gives when using your recommended pea size amount.  It applies smoothly, evenly, and smells absolutely divine.  I quite often struggle to find foundation colours suitable for my complexion, but your Tinted Earth Cream in Light is suitable enough for wearing to work with a very light dusting of your foundation over the top. Thank you for an awesome product!” - Rebecca

If you have sensitive skin and you are sick and tired of collecting products that you use once and can never use again, we encourage you to try Dusty Girls. Our entire collection is designed for women with sensitive, blemished or troubled skin and will work to restore skin health and maintain vibrant skin bursting with moisture.

We understand that sometimes a product can’t always be suitable for absolutely everyone which is why we offer a satisfaction policy so you can try with confidence and if it’s not quite right for you, let us know and we will sort the rest out.

Don’t break up with your makeup, invest in these and put your skin at ease!

Mineral Foundation Powder – We’re talking full coverage and flawless finish plus broad-spectrum sun protection. The absolute must-have makeup product for anyone looking to smooth uneven skin tone and conceal redness and blemishes. Whether you’re prone to sensitivities or just looking for a healthy alternative to traditional products, add this to your cart, stat.

Kabuki Brush- The perfect companion for the Mineral Foundation Powder. This ultra-soft versatile brush will allow for a hygienic and flawless application of your Mineral Powder. With a short handle for a controlled application and densely packed bristles to prevent fallout and product wastage, this is a must-have to go alongside your Mineral Foundation Powder.

Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiserthis clever little multi-tasker boasts a clever 3 in 1 action and offers exceptional coverage, intense moisture and broad-spectrum sun protection for your skin. Packed with powerful natural ingredients recognised for their ability to encourage and maintain skin health, meaning less breakouts, fewer flare-ups and more manageable skin.

Mineral Mascara – Our Mineral Mascara is our second-best seller and this says a lot. That HEAPS of people suffer from sensitive, itchy, irritated and watery eyes and LOTS of people experience relief with our gentle formulation. Many generic mascaras on the market contain an ingredient called Pine Tar which is a known irritant and often the main culprit when it comes to eye irritation. We use a natural, non-irritating formula known as Acacia Gum so that you can have bold, pitch black lashes without panda eyes.

Any questions about our products or ingredients? Or maybe you want to share your skin journey and experience using Dusty Girls? Let’s hear it! comment below or email us at


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