We have some exciting developments happening at Dusty Girls HQ!

As you know, our shade selection had neutral shades as well as pink and yellow undertone options. But this proved to be confusing and neutral tones are usually the first option and our best-sellers. Based on this, we decided to move all of our shades to neutral. AND, we are also introducing a LIGHTER shade and a DARKER shade. 

So, what inspired this change? Over the past few months, we have received A LOT of feedback on our Mineral Foundations shade options. We decided that it was necessary to make some changes in order to cater to more women and to offer easier shade selection to our current customers as well as introducing a lighter and darker shade. 

Our New Mineral Foundation Shades will now be: 

How do I know what shade should I use? 

This is just one of the many existing projects we have been working on for our natural beauties, we have many more surprises still to come for you in the coming months! But we thought we should take this chance to ask YOU if there anything you would like to see in our range next? 

We look forward to hearing what you think!



and the rest of the Natural Beauties.