We all know how a healthy diet makes you feel great inside and out, but it's getting harder and harder to find snacks that aren’t packed full of hidden nasty stuff (cough cough, sugar). 

Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne are two Melbourne mums who create the brand Funch. They wanted a healthier option for their families. When it came to snacks for their kids they needed to trust that they knew exactly what the ingredients were, and feel confident that what they were eating wasn't high in sugar.

But kids, (and the kids inside all of us), would often reach for the sweet treats over some fruit, especially come the 3 o'clock slump, so that’s where Funch comes in.

Why Funch?

Tanya and Lisa started making up wholesome recipes for their kids that are just as tasty and tempting, without the guilt when wanting seconds (or thirds). The two mums quickly realised that their healthy snacks were great for the whole family and continued to develop a range of premixes that are ideal for all busy people.

At Funch, healthy living is an absolute priority, as is using genuine, wholesome ingredients and creating mouth-watering mixes. With no additives and colouring, plus options that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and low calorie, Funch wants to make reaching your health goals easier and better than ever. Each Funch product can be stored in the pantry until you grab a few of the base ingredients like dates or rice malt syrup, and whip up a plateful to eat.

Are our abs made in the kitchen?

As cliche as the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is, it’s too true to ignore.

Exercise is an essential part of our healthy lifestyles, but it is nutrition that we most value. Each Funch product is suitable for a range of dietary requirements, but also uses plenty of foods that are great additions to suit any health goals.

 Our 4 Seed Mix, whilst not actually used for making up a snack, is a great addition to smoothies and muesli for that extra nutritional boost. It is made from plant-based ingredients like chia seeds and linseeds that are both a rich source of Omega-3 to help maintain flawless skin and hair.

Funch protein and bliss ball mixes are a great source of protein, and protein isn’t just for athletes and bodybuilders. It is an important part of everyone’s diet and when eating adequate amounts helps people of all ages to control their hunger cravings, boost your metabolism and helps our muscles and bones stay strong as we age and grow. 


So, should I put down this chocolate then?

No matter your age or gender, your food and lifestyle choices are going to affect you in more ways than you realise. Your weight and appearance are often most noticeable, but there is more and more research showing the dramatic affects diet also has on mental health.  An abundance of sugar and saturated fats will leave you feeling lethargic and will compromise your gut health and immune system, plus the side effect of probably not fitting into those pants you’ve always wanted to wear.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate (phew) - Funch has some delicious, satisfying replacements such as the Chocolate Bliss Ball.

Funch wants to help Australian families improve their food choices, by making healthy snacking easy and accessible. We can promise healthy choices are better than any weight loss trick, an energy drink, and far easier than other health food recipes that seem to require 10 plus expensive ingredients.

A personal favourite of the Funch team is the new Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix. This product has a 4-star health rating and only 64 calories when it is made up of dates and water. What is even better - there is no blending and no baking required. A sample of the Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix will be sent out with the first 200 online Dusty Girl orders from the start of December.

For more information about Funch and where to buy them, head to our website at https://www.funch.com.au

Or check out our latest posts and recipe ideas on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funchfood/

We have teamed up with Funch because we are passionate about embracing a healthy lifestyle, not just limited to the products we use. We also know that what we eat affects our skin health (in more ways than you could imagine), so it is important to fuel our bodies with the right foods to feel our best For the month of December (or while stocks last), when you place an order with Dusty Girls we will include a special treat courtesy of the team at Funch so you can get creative in the kitchen and discover how good healthy can taste! 



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