Quality makeup deserves quality brushes, and using premium makeup tools can make all the difference in the application and appearance of your makeup.

With the launch of our NEW Vegan Brush Collection we thought it was the perfect time to talk about which brushes we use daily, how we care for them and why we can’t live without them. There is an abundance of different brushes to choose from on the market, each with their own unique purpose, but we like to keep things simple here so we want to talk about the must have makeup brushes for your everyday makeup looks.

Everyone has their own routine when it comes to applying cosmetics and I am sure that each of us have our ‘essentials’ too, those go-to products and tools that never let us down and we cannot live without. We have developed a cruelty-free brush collection that contains the essential brushes that most women would use on the daily and the one's you soon won't be able to live without!

Forever Flawless Foundation Brush

The perfect tool to achieve a flawless finish of your liquid foundation or Tinted Moisturiser.

Tip: Begin by applying product to the t-zone area (this is generally where most people require the most coverage), continue to blend to all areas of the face and don’t forget he neck too.

Get Cheeky Contour Brush

For a precise application of powder blush and bronzer to the cheeks and face.

Tip: Apply your Mineral Blush or Bronzer using angular, sweeping motions, beginning at the hairline down towards the cheeks.

Easy on the Eyes Eye Shadow Brush

Recommended for a smooth application of eye shadow to the entire lid.

Tip: This brush will allow for an even coverage of your eye shadow, apply using gentle strokes and cover the entire lid with desired shade.

Blending Queen Blending Brush

Buff, blend and contour your eye shadow using this plush, versatile brush.

Tip: Create depth and intensity when applying your eyeshadow by  following the natural contour and shape of the eye, blending the shadow upwards and outcreating a sideways ‘v’.

Brushes with Benefits

There are many benefits to using quality makeup brushes, a smooth, even coverage and polished finish are just a few. Brushes are especially important for women with acne prone skin or blemishes and will help prevent breakouts on the skin. It is important to invest in quality brushes that are soft of the skin and densely packed to ensure a flawless application with no fall out.  

Some more benefits include:

  • Synthetic hair is gentle on the skin (great for those who are sensitive)

  • Longer lifespan of your makeup as synthetic hair collects more product with less waste

  • Synthetic brushes are easier to clean and shed less, having little to no fallout

  • You can use synthetic brushes with both powder and cream formulations.

Caring for your Brushes

Caring for your brushes doesn’t have to be complicated. We suggest washing them on a fortnightly basis to avoid bacteria build up. Leaving them too long without a wash can lead to skin congestion and breakouts because the buildup of bacteria is constantly being spread across the skin (doesn’t sound nice, does it?).

We recommend rinsing the brushes in cold/luke-warm water (hot water can damage the brush and loosen the bristles leading to fallout). Mix warm water with MooGoo Milk Wash for a thorough gentle cleanse of your brushes. Try and avoid getting the wooden handle wet as this can cause it to swell and crack.

After washing your brushes, squeeze as much water as you can out of your brushes and mound them back to original shape. Leave brushes to air dry (allow up to 24 hours).

It will be love at first sight with these ultra soft, premium brushes. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our Vegan Brush Collection,  leave us a comment on any of social platforms and tag us in your makeup looks or pictures you post of your beautiful new brush set!


and the rest of the Natural Beauties.