Stopping the skin from becoming dry, flaky and vulnerable from the chilly winter weather and internal heating can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re prone to skin conditions such as Eczema and Dermatitis, but there are certainly things that we can all do each day to keep our skin healthy during winter. 

Take care of the skin from the inside out

Keeping on top of our essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) which can be commonly found in nuts and wholegrains will keep the skin clear and hydrated, their anti-inflammatory properties assist in preventing dry, inflamed and blemished skin. Our skin is reliant on adequate hydration, to avoid dryness aim to consumer 8-10 glasses of water and minimize your intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Topical relief from dry skin

Caring for our skin topically will also go a long way in achieving skin health and hydration. Sometimes we need to mix up our beauty regime with the changing climates to ensure it stays in good condition. Avoid using foaming cleansers as these usually contain SLS (detergent) and can be drying on the skin, instead opt for a natural cream or oil cleanser (you can check out our favourites here) and pair with a rich moisturiser to keep the skin plump and bursting with moisture.

You can also mix up your makeup regime by adding a drop of serum to your Mineral Foundation Powder to achieve a liquid formulation with full coverage and intense moisture, or if you’re a one product kind of gal, you can’t go wrong with the Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser for a dewy finish, beautiful coverage and lightweight formulation. We've all fallen victim to dry lips from time to time and I think we would all agree that it doesnt feel or look very nice. But, luckily for us all there are ways in which we can prevent dreaded dry lips or fast-track the healing process. Our entire collection of Lip Products are packed with moisturising oils that will nourish and condition your lips, we also use a combination of edible, healing ingredients that will restore health to dry and broken lips. For ultra-soft, kissable lips, swipe on some Mineral Lip Gloss or pucker up using the Vegan Lip Shine.

Some little tips that will go a long way

As much as we all love indulging in a nice hot bath or shower, the intense heat can break down the lipid barriers in our skin leading to moisture loss. How about trying a nice warm bath with a little oatmeal to nourish the skin! Don’t forget to moisturise straight after.

The natural shedding of our skin slows down during the cooler periods of the year, use a natural scrub once to twice a week to gently remove dead skin cells, you will be amazed at how clear your skin looks afterwards! You will find our favourite scrub here.

Coconut Oil is a great natural skin moisturiser, perfect for the hands and feet to prevent dry, cracked skin. You can pick some up from your local health food store or supermarket!

It is important to care for your skin inside and out, so why not experiment with some of these suggestions and see the results for yourself! We have popped some of our winter skin product picks below for you to learn more about, click the image to discover why these are so effective at keeping your skin healthy through every season.








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